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About Me
How were these whimsical prints and greeting cards born? 
I grew up in Kansas City and Omaha, Nebraska as an only child of the best mom in the universe.  I think I created buddies, sisters and brothers from the zillions of books I read as a kid.  BOOKS ARE AWESOME!


In grade school I read Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and was HOOKED on poetry.  I’ve been writing ever since.

My other super favorite thing to do as a kid was ART.  Creating something new, a new string of words, a new picture, is MAGIC.  My dream of being an artist and writer was hatched early.

Life can be funny though, and I took some detours along the way.

At Spring Hill College, I majored in Biology, hoping to have a career swimming with dolphins.  No one told me this was NOT going to happen.  I struggled through Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and then did a masters degree in biology too!

Finally, with the encouragement of my most excellent mom and friends, I decided to pursue my dream.

I joined the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), started writing, drawing and going to workshops and conferences.  My poems started to SING after working with Rebecca Kai Dotlich at her Highlights Foundation workshop.  She is a heartfelt, helpful, fabulous person and writer.  READ HER BOOKS!

Since 2001, I have had 2 little boys, Jack and Joe.  They are smart, funny and inspire my work.  Between crazy adventures with my 3 fellas, I have sold my art, poetry and "nini notes" greeting cards to some super, stellar stores (more later). I've met excellent editors, and rockin’ writers.  Please Run to the library or bookstore and read marvelous Marilyn Singer, Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, Tammi Sauer, Pat Zietow Miller, and the incredible Lee Bennett Hopkins.  They just may change your life, they changed mine.

In 2005, I discovered Beaufort, South Carolina and bought a dream cottage on nearby Fripp Island.  Soon after, some of the community’s extraordinary women invited my poetry and pictures into their stores.  Their support and enthusiasm has been a great gift and I thank them.  If you’re in the Beaufort neighborhood, visit Robbie at "What's in Store" (on St. Helena).

I also pour out many thanks to Sheryl of Whimsical Place in Woodbury, MN.  Sheryl put "nini notes" (my greeting card line) on the map and her generous spirit lights up the world.

When in the Charlotte, NC area, you MUST stop at The Bag Lady (Dilworth), The Sanctuary (Davidson), City Artworks, 32 Flavors, Charlotte Fine Art Gallery (Charlotte), Sweet Grass (Mooresville), and Artistry Florals and Ashley Carol in Huntersville. All are filled with inspirational gifts and fabulous men and women(mostly women, just sayin')!!

During the summer of '09, I was blessed to meet Gina Wright, author of "My Mommy has Breast Cancer".  Gina wrote the book as a tribute to her best friend's experience with breast cancer.  Gina saw my artwork at What's In Store, and asked me to illustrate her book.  I am so honored that she chose to include me in her book and her world, thank you Gina!!!  Contact me for a copy of the book, or purchase at!

Always remember, there are magic angels roaming the planet, make friends with them, they will fill your heart with good stuff.